The Ethical Collaboration Association

The founder and CEO of a Colorado-based investment and patent education company came to Narwhal Collective with a new idea to help solve a common problem that startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. In a world where both innovation and secrecy are key, the sense of “sharing” is not common without a stale NDA.


Tasked to provide “ease” and a solution to this problem, Narwhal Collective helped create The Ethical Collaboration Association. The vision of the ECA is to create a network of trusted colleagues you can reach out to for advice, brainstorming, and potential partnerships. It is a real-time, real-world solution for freelancers and entrepreneurs.


Now equipped with a new identity system and print marketing materials that communicate a sense of rigid legality paired with a softer, approachable sensibility —  members are finally able to “Speak With Ease.”

In addition to creating new visual branding to be used in both print and digital applications, Narwhal Collective position the association with a fresh and ownable brand statement and public tagline, “Speak With Ease.”


The tagline was created to have several meanings. First and most importantly, it reminds members and any would-be collaborators — that they are able to remove the fear that comes with unprotected conversations around their IP, service offering and/or new entrepreneurial venture.


Secondly, the creative treatment of the green “E”, meant to resemble a symbol of ethics and unspoken code of respect shared between each member.