We met with Growsetta when the founders knew they were onto a solution for an underserved market. Industrial farming had basically been the same for centuries; plant your seeds, water, give them light then….wait and hope.


Growsetta wanted to bring this industry into the age of IOT. Setting out to use a more scientific approach to farming by using sensors that could be placed within the crops. These sensors would then read the biometric data of each plant, feed the data to an app that can be viewed by the grower to help them get a better understanding of their plant health.

First Narwhal Collective needed to create a brand that could convey the value proposition through visuals and messaging quickly. Our process was to first identify the audience, understand their needs and then develop the brand positioning around them. This allowed us to create content for both internal and external audiences.


After establishing their brand values we moved into logo creation, taglines, strategy for messaging and creative direction for the website.

A key component of this identity is that it had to be approachable. We took that into consideration for every little detail that went into the logo creation. This resulted in smooth edges on the mark and text and large bleeds of color juxtaposed to white space for every execution.